The best choice for financial advice

Our advice has a proven track record, delivering you the best financial plan

Our Balanced Portfolio has achieved 6.98% per annum growth over the past 5 years and compares favourably with the market benchmark of 6.44%. We proactively manage our clients’ funds and regularly update our portfolios to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

Our advice is the most comprehensive, giving you the best choice

We offer investments choices from all the best performing funds, assets and platforms in Ireland. Our investment team is second to none and we are industry thought leaders.

Our advice is not compromised, so we will tell you the truth

Unlike others, we are 100% transparent about our pricing and commission terms. Our standard terms are 2% upfront and 0.5% Fund Based Charge (FBC) for funds under €500k and 1% upfront and 0.5% FBC for funds over €500k. Our income grows inline with clients’ return.

We are rated the number one financial advisor overall for Dublin and Leinster by, the Irish money guide.

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