Your income could suffer as a consequence of premature death, serious illness or disability. We can help you ensure that you have sufficient benefits in place to make up this income shortfall. Structuring these benefits in the correct way can also result in substantial tax savings.

Level Term Family Protection

Family /personal protection benefits are essential to put in place to safeguard you and your families existing lifestyle and to protect future earnings.

Mortgage Protection

This cover is required by your Bank or Building Society to be used as security for your mortgage. Cover can be arranged on a reducing or level basis and can incorporate critical illness if required.

Critical Illness Protection

Critical Illness Cover will give you peace of mind as it provides a lump sum payment on the diagnosis and certification of a prescribed serious illness. With this cover, you make a monthly payment which guarantees you a lump sum if you suffer from one of the specified critical illnesses. This can help with medical bills; mortgage repayments, childcare costs and day to day expenses, meaning you can concentrate on getting back to full health once again.

Income Protection

Your income is directly related to your ability to work. This in turn is dependent on your continued good health. A deterioration in health due to illness for any prolonged period would have a serious effect on your income. An Income Protection Plan is a way for you to guarantee yourself an income in the event of being unable to attend work due to long-term illness, injury or accident. In your situation being self employed and the principal earner in your household, without your earnings, it may be difficult to afford medical treatment and pay for all the day to day expenses we all take for granted.

Your overall standard of living would suffer greatly. Typically under this arrangement up to 75% (subject to certain limits) of your earnings can be protected. In the event of long-term illness, your earnings would be paid during the course of the illness through to recovery, or age 65, whichever occurs first.

Keyman and Company Director Shareholder Protection

In addition to the personal tragedy following the death or serious illness of a key employee, Co-Director or partner, the survival of the business might be at risk. Company director or Keyman insurance can help solve the financial problems that can arise from the death or serious illness of one of these individuals

Inheritance Tax Planning

Transferring wealth to the next generation is a subject that most people think about at one time or another. Having accumulated wealth during your lifetime, how can you ensure that this wealth gets passed to the next generation in the most tax efficient manner? Could your portfolio of assets be significantly eroded by Capital Gains and Capital Acquisitions Tax?
We can provide you with independent advice helping you to put plans in place to ensure the tax efficient transfer of your assets during or after your lifetime.


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