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At DFP we understand that investing your hard earned money is a decision that requires careful and deliberate consideration, whether you are making provision for an upcoming event or just saving for the longer-term it pays to be organised and thorough. Investment advice is a crucial element in ensuring that your funds are invested in a way that reflects your needs and attitude to risk.

The Risk / Return trade-off

Generally, the greater the potential return from an investment, the greater the risk that its value could fall. Choosing to invest in assets with potentially higher returns could reward you with a larger investment portfolio but could also leave you with less money than you originally invested.

Choosing to invest in low risk assets will help to protect your investment from negative returns but could leave you with an investment portfolio that might not cover your future financial requirements. Each risk category is explained below.

Low Risk
  • Willing to accept modest fluctuations in value
  • General preference for established products & providers
  • General preference for more secure counterparties
  • Limited appetite for complexity
  • Preference for income-generating assets
Medium Risk
  • Understand that pursuit of better returns over long term involves taking more risk
  • Significant fluctuations in value can be tolerated
  • Modest tolerance for prolonged or permanent impairment of capital
  • Willing to embrace some complexity
  • Prepared to have an element in non-income-producing assets
  • No more than very modest access required for 5 years +
High Risk
  • Not risk averse
  • Experienced, with a good understanding of markets
  • Willing to tolerate significant fluctuations in value
  • Can live with prolonged or permanent impairment of capital
  • No problem with complexity
  • A long term investor – no access required for 7 years+
  • Willing to own non-income-producing assets
  • Comfortable with new investments / providers
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Clarus Investment Solutions

DFP has agencies with over 20 investment providers and between them these providers offer literally thousands of funds.  DFP has retained the services of Clarus Investment Solutions (CIS), an independent investment consulting firm based in Dublin, to conduct on-going research on these Irish investment managers and their many investment funds.

CIS provides the following services to DFP:

  • Evaluation/monitoring/review/selection of investment managers
  • Advice on investment strategies and product development
  • Portfolio structuring and strategic asset allocation
  • Assessment of stand-alone/ad-hoc investment opportunities
  • Advice/assistance

The challenge is to help you achieve your goals within your Investment Portfolio at a risk level acceptable to you. At DFP our experts will work with you to ensure the correct investment strategy is implemented and reviewed regularly to reflect your changing circumstances.

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