Deposit Services

DFP aims to provide information to clients on a range of Deposit options in the market. We look to provide access for our clients to the most competitive rates, ensuring your portfolio is optimised to provide the best return for you.

DFP will provide the best advice on placing funds on deposit ensuring that the funds are covered by the available guarantees, where appropriate.

Our Deposit Services Include:

  • In-house research to identify the best rates in the market
  • Risk management
  • Actively managed maturities and re-investments
  • Advice in relation to tax exemptions

Factors Considered

There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate deposit account for your cash. The rate of return is crucial, however, so too are the security, accessibility and quality of expertise and advice you receive. We actively research the deposit market and provide a comprehensive analysis, so you are aware of the best deposit options for you.

The factors we will take into consideration when providing advice to you are;

  1. Interest Rate: Rates vary depending on the financial institution and the market.
  2. Terms & Conditions: Can you access your funds before the maturity date?
  3. Guarantees for protection: The amounts covered by the varying guarantees and knowing the guarantee expiry dates to ensure you are protected.
  4. Service: Advisors who make recommendations based on best advice.
  5. Access & Liquidity: Assessing your liquidity needs, so you can obtain the funds you need in the short term while taking advantage of longer-term rates if appropriate.


At DFP we aim to ensure you avail of the best rates while maximising the protection of the various guarantees available. For longer-term financial planning, we provide planning services that help model your future cash flow so you can forecast your financial planning needs.

We survey deposit rates across the market and make recommendations based on best advice.

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